(650) 823 - 3553
Redwood City, California

I'm game programmer with a knack for all things visual - gameplay, UI, VFX, you name it. I take joy in creating and refining features that create a fun user experience. I wear many hats and dabble in web development, art, and game design when I can. I completed the training montage portion of my life in 2014 when I graduated from the Games and Playable Media M.S. at UC Santa Cruz.

As a child I got lost in the immersive worlds of comic books and other fictions. When I was finally introduced to video games, I experienced the same wondrous immersive feeling, but through completely different means : choice. I didn't just identify myself with the hero, I was the hero. I wanted more than anything to make those kind of empowering experiences. Sketchbook upon sketchbook was filled with drawings of my ideas. In my teens I began learning how to program, intent on finally bringing my visions to life. 

I also like drawing, kitchen science, making model kits, bicycling, and caring for my small menagerie of critters.